Your Ceremony

  • Initial meeting to discuss ideas, this will enable us to get into the details of your ceremony, and also to get to know each other.
  • Written drafts of a ceremony based on your values, beliefs and ideas and  your completed questionnaires, there is no limit here, and the most important aspect is that it is just how you want it.
  • On-going contact by phone and email for any queries, advice, ideas, inspiration and support.
  • A talk thorough or dress rehearsal for both of you prior to the day
  • Arrival at least an hour before the ceremony for your assistance. 
  • A commemorative wedding certificate.**
  • will also have a presentation copy of the whole ceremony printed for you.

If you know exactly what you want that’s great but if not I have resources and ideas to share.

With a celebrant ceremony there are NO LIMITS

Location - Any Time Any Place, Anywhere -  It can be indoors or outdoors, in your garden, on the beach, on a clifftop...  or a stately home! or just somewhere special to you, but wherever you choose I will also liaise with your venue and make sure everything in terms of your ceremony, is ready for your day

Choreography -  I will arrange a rehearsal there with you before your ceremony We talk through every aspect from your entrance in to the venue, where to stand, and when you leave after your wedding, this will include walking down the aisle, seating of family members involved in your ceremony, music (you may want to start thinking about your perfect music playlist!!) and so on 

Content - what do YOU want in YOUR ceremony?? Your wedding script can be totally non-religious, semi religious or in the words of Monty Python.. something completely different, However, in terms of content there are really no limits, you can include whatever you like in your ceremony and vows, fun, romance, lyrics, a movie quotes or themes.

Themes are great fun and you can be as creative as you like. 

This is your day -it is a Celebration!


Here are a few ideas for your ceremony...

Hand Fasting/ Hand Tying– one of the most popular ceremony choices!‘  Tying the knot’ means to get married, but the knot tying ceremony is symbolic: as pressure is applied to the knot it strengthens, just like marriage. Some even believe the rope/ribbons will break before the knot comes undone. A take/twist on an originally Celtic wedding tradition, that can be performed with one or both hands, to help to make your ceremony feel more meaningful, personal, and full of occasion. Your guests probably won’t have seen it before and it gets a great response of awe and wonder as you tie your knot, it makes a great series of photographs too. Don’t worry it’s not complicated and we practise it together.

Once the knot is tied, it’s a lasting keepsake of your wedding day and can be displayed in your home. Most people choose coloured ribbons as the colours have various meanings or they just choose colours to match their wedding theme colours, or some choose cord.

Rose Ceremony  This is a great way of honouring the Bride & Groom’s mothers or other family members during a wedding ceremony. This signifies the bride and groom showing gratitude for the love bestowed upon them, this is done by asking their Mother/Parent to come forward so the couple can thank them and give their respective person a rose. 

Candle Lighting  If there are any special family members that cannot be there for the special day, maybe a lost grandparent or special family member, a candle will be lit and placed in a reserved seat, they may be gone, but most definitely not forgotten

Breaking glass based on the Jewish Tradition of Breaking the Glass it can be adapted. The breaking of glass at the end of a wedding ceremony reminds us of the fragility of life, the uniqueness of the moment, the shattering of the old and the beginning of the new. It can also symbolise a breaking down of the barriers and help create a world based on love, unity, peace, and understanding. The breaking of the glass is permanent, so too is a marriage and should last an infinity of time... just as long as it would take to re-assemble the broken pieces of glass. The best man will place the bottle before the groom and when the Celebrant declares the bride and groom to be “husband and wife” and says “congratulations, you may kiss your bride!,” the groom then smashes the bottle with his foot and kisses the bride.

Applauding and shouts of “Mazel Tov!” are appropriate in Jewish ceremonies at this point.

Wine Ceremony  This Ceremony represents the two individual lives which are now combined like the two wines into one single life. The drinking of the combined wine signifies the commitment you now make to live your lives as one family, The joining together of two families. The wine ceremony can also include each set of parents. They can bring a specially chosen bottle of wine to the ceremony. They will ceremoniously open the bottle (it can be prepared before the ceremony starts if participants are a bit nervous). This kind of ritual has been carried out through the ages. Sharing these rituals in ceremonies with family members and friends as you celebrate life’s milestones creates even stronger community and family bonds. They add something extra special to your wedding ceremony. Family members can take a part in the ceremony with you, and feel like they are a part of your ceremony instead of being only witnesses to it

Wine and Chocolate ceremony  As with the Wine ceremony, the wine and chocolate ceremony, represents the sweet and bitter moment life has to offer, and facing them together as a team 

Ring Warming/Blessing  Before the vows are said and the rings exchanged, the Celebrant will ask various selected members of the wedding party, or even the whole audience to participate in a ring warming. The ring warming is an opportunity to send the bride and groom good luck and love through a silent wish to the rings when passed to them. The participants are advised as follows “As you hold them in your hands, pause for a moment, and make your wishes for the couple and for their future before you pass them on to the next person. These rings will not only be a gift from one to another but will be given with the love, support and wisdom of their family and friends.”

Passing the Heartbeat  Starting with the bride and completing with the groom, (almost like a Mexican wave!) hands are joined around the group or audience, creating a giant chain, passing the love and heartbeat from everyone present, around, culminating in the bride and groom hand in hand, sharing the one heartbeat and love of all present

Unity Candle Ceremony   Lighting a Unity Candle during a wedding ceremony is a special way to symbolise two lives joining together as one. Children can be involved, ceremonial candles and stands are available and can be kept as a memento. “Bride and Groom, the two separate candles symbolise your separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends, in other words, your lives before today. Lighting the centre candle represents your two lives are now being joined together as one.” There’s a great deal of flexibility within this ceremony, usually you would light the candles after exchanging vows but parents can be involved and children too, they can have their own mini-candle. Your unity candle can be personalised with scripture, vows, or a photo from your wedding, so it becomes a beautiful year-round keepsake. Many couples choose to relight the candles each year on their anniversary.

Sand Ceremony  This unique way to symbolise two lives becoming one is also a great way to incorporate children or family into the wedding ceremony. It’s symbolic and meaningful, easily customised, and the couple are left with a unique keepsake of the day. It is an unexpectedly lovely moment for your guests to witness – remember, they will most likely be expecting just the usual vows, ring exchange and a kiss. It makes the ceremony unique for the couple. Not only is it a visual symbolisation of the bride and groom joining together in marriage, but if other family members are involved, it’s a beautiful representation of two families coming together. The sand-filled vase becomes a beautiful and meaningful keepsake.

The Loving cup  The cup is often a beautiful silver/pewter 2 handled traditional cup.  It’s often referred to as the love cup as the bride and groom each take a handle to take a drink. Often the groom’s father or another important member of the bridal party is chosen to fill up the cup. The Quaich contains within it a whisky that is sweet – symbolic of happiness, joy, hope, peace, love and delight. This same whisky also has some bitter properties that are symbolic of life’s trials and tribulations, and “Loves Journey”. The Quaich can be engraved and kept a treasured keepsake.

Jumping the Broom  Jumping the broom is a phrase and custom where the couple jumps over a broom.  The tradition of Jumping the Broom symbolises sweeping away the old and welcoming the new–a symbol of a new beginning. The Bride and Groom are sweeping together in a circle to signify the sweeping away of their former single lives, their past problems and their previous cares. The broom represents a threshold between past and present, and jumping the broom symbolizes the crossing of this threshold into a new relationship as husband and wife.

Gem Stone Wedding Ceremony  As the guests arrive, they are each given a small gem to hold during the Celtic Wedding Ceremony.  On this wedding day we celebrate the Celtic spirit of Anam Cara. Anam Cara is translated from the Gaelic as “soul friend.”  By solidifying your partnership with your Anam Cara, you are joined in an ancient and eternal way. To the ancients, the four elements to be respected and celebrated were earth, (your chosen gemstone or stone represents the earth), water, (water is drunk) wind, and fire. (a candle is lit). There are special readings for each and an Irish blessing. 

The stones once collected from the guests could even be put in a commemorative mosaic 

Price £500

OR Maybe you would like me to take care of the majority of the big day for you...

VIP Platinum Package £1500

The Platinum package = the Ultimate VIP package

Professional Make up artist on the morning and leading up to the ceremony adding the final touches to the Bride and bridesmaids.. HAIR and MAKE UP, giving that Movie star finish. 

A live singer for the signing of the special certificate. Classical Opera singer or something to suit your theme of the day or maybe something more like Jazz, or Vintage, or perhaps you have a theme.. Hollywood, Elvis,  A particular decade or steampunk. I will also co ordinate my outfit to match your colour theme, or theme of the day - no outfit/theme is too outrageous 

A presentation gift for the Parents of the happy couple, The bridesmaids, the best man (men).. A small personalised bottle of bubbles or a box of chocs for non drinkers

Naming Ceremonies £450

Naming Ceremonies  and Divorce Ceremonies are from £450 I’ll give you unlimited support and inspiration, 

Singing Waiters £1200

In addition to your packages, if you need a little difference in your Reception, i can also organise a surprise Singing waiter musical rendition to liven up the reception and get your guests knees up and singing along!!  its a great fun and you get to choose the 8 songs  

** Commemorative wedding Certificate is Not a legal document, only for Display purposes

*** Travel and Accommodation may be extra depending on location or country