- About Me -

My name is Michael J McLaughlin, but you may recognise me from your TV, because I am also an Actor (Jonathon Michaels) and a Singer and have been performing for over 20 years. 

- What makes me the Right choice ? -

I have performed at over 200 weddings!! Yes seriously 200! As a teenager I performed at many many weddings as the Head Chorister for a London Cathedral, then as an adult I have performed in many services as the Wedding singer, and other weddings as the reception entertainment, After getting Ordained in USA I officiated ceremonies as the Minister. Now back in the UK, I have my celebrant certification.

I love getting to know people and putting on ap great show, which is why I'm now also an Independent Celebrant. As an Actor I have a large wardrobe of costumes, so maybe you would like a Themed Wedding? Re-enactment, Cosplay, Period?

 If you want something a bit different,  let's have a chat about it. 

A few little known facts about me..

  • I became an Ordained Minister in 2018 for The church of California 
  • I once sang for Pope John Paul II in The Vatican on Easter Sunday 
  • I'm a member of The Eccentric Club in London's Mayfair
  • I used to be a Singagram
  • I've played several well known serial killers for Sky TV 

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